Next Auction 02/6/19 Gates open 8: 00 am

621 Giano Ave City of Industry, Ca 91744 (626) 330-3289

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Street Parking Only

No Minors under the age of 16 will be allowed

Public auctions take place every other Wednesday. Registration and vehicle inspection is from 8am-9am. All entrants must have form of ID to enter auction facility. Bidders must have drivers licence and submit $200 cash deposit. All vehicles are sold AS IS.  Cars must be paid in full after auction cash only.  Vehicles must be removed by 4pm of auction day.              


Auction opens at 8:00am for vehicle inspection. Vehicles cannot be started or moved or altered in anyway.

 A $200.00 Cash deposit before auction begins (9:00 AM) with valid California driver’s license.  

Bidders must stay within auction area !!!

Only cars numbered and that are on the auction list on the auction lot are for auction. All others are off limits.  

Once the auction has begun bidders and bystanders must stay in the vicinity of the vehicles that are being auctioned. Vehicles may not be started or moved until auction has concluded, and my not be removed from auction lot until paid for. 

Vehicles must be paid for after the auction concludes by cash. Buyers must have badge and receipt to pay for vehicles. All vehicles bid on must be paid for all together. No refunds. Late payment fee in the amount of $25 per vehicle per day will be charged after 3pm day of auction. 

Vehicles must be removed from yard before 3:00 pm day of the auction or bidder will incur storage fees at the rate of $25.00 per day. Vehicles not removed before next auction will be re-auctioned, and the bidder will not be refunded any money.  

Any vehicle that is not paid for, the bidder will be permanently banned from the auction, and their deposit forfeited. If any vehicle is not paid for bidder will forfeit any other vehicles that where bid on. 

Anyone caught stealing or damaging vehicles or Haddick’s property will be permanently removed from auction.  

Vehicles may not be repaired or worked on in the auction facility. 

By submitting a deposit or entering the auction premises you agree to the following terms. If a person is in violation of any of the above rules that person deposit will be forfeited, banned from the auction, and prosecuted.  



               Preliminary Auction ListAUCTION LIST                    

   NEXT AUCTION DATE:  02/06/19


       DESCRIPTION              VIN           LIC #      EXPIRE  KEYS  TICKET#


    1995 ACU INTEG BROWN JH4DB7657SS012529  6ZOX241    09/19   NO KE                                     199226P

2005 AUD A4    GRAY  WAUJC68EX5A079402  6VEX715    11/16         198036 

1999 AUD QUATT SILVE WAUCB28D1XA276456             02/18         197774 

2006 BMW 325I  GRAY  WBAVB17506NK41377  5ZGD221    7/18          198042 

2002 BUI CENTU GRAY  2G4WS52J621131928  7HVK662    10-18         197854 

2001 BUI CENTU BROWN 2G4WS52J011223910  6LJT710    05/18         197909 

2003 CAD CTS   WHITE 1G6DM57N930133044  D967SH     12/15   4579  197958 

2008 CHE COBAL YELLO 1G1AK18F987189076  6DQV181    02/19   4808  198054 

2002 CHE MALIB GRAY  1G1ND52J92M606351  5PCC169    10/18         197937 

2001 CHE SILVE BLUE  2GCEC19V711386925  6R38607    06/19   4861  197964 

2005 CHR PT CR SILVE 3C4FY58B55T579552  5MCF572    03/16         197814 

2005 FOR 500   GRAY  1FAFP24165G136870  5LUE244    04/18         197378 

1995 FOR CROWN WHITE 2FALP74W1SX134736  5LYB842    12/17         199367P

2002 FOR ESCAP YELLO 1FMYU04132KE10398  6TRC061    04/18   4887  198072 

1988 FOR ESCOR SILVE 1FAPP2590JW145623  5JLW450    09/08         197914 

1989 FOR F150  WHITE 1FTDF15Y8KPA46481  3T43169    02/17         198138 

1989 GFS ULTRA TAN   1FDKE30G7KHB18006  5CYL456    3/11    4220  197796 

1975 HOL TRAIL WHITE   S75112553230502  NT5270     1-13          198117 

1997 HON ACCOR SILVE 1HGCD5606VA215990             07/18         197769 

2004 HON ACCOR GRAY  1HGCM56604A156776  5JTX295    8-18    4755  198112 

1998 HON ACCOR WHITE 1HGCF8648WA258677  6CBG164    09/19   NO KE 198917.

1989 HON CIVIC GRAY  1HGED3656KA014661  2LTG722    12/18         197962 

1998 HON CIVIC SILVE 1HGEJ8144WL082911  4BPV881    05/19   4571  198215 

2005 LAN RANGE SILVE SALMF11475A192230  6NIX099    2-19          198021 

2003 NIS ALTIM GREY  1N4AL11D23C183378  5BEC985    01/19   NO KE 198102 

2008 NIS ROGUE BLACK JN8AS58T88W008709  8AYM120    1/19    4878  197992 

1999 TOY CAMRY GOLD  JT2BG22KXX0330942  4FJR389                  198931P

2003 TOY CAMRY GOLD  JTDBE32K630181121  7CZY600    01/19   4574  199027P

1993 TOY COROL GREEN JT2AE09E1P0032723  NONE       04/19         199294P

2004 TOY SCION GRAY  JTLKT334740131274  6JMB182    07/16   4885  198014  



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