Next Auction 8/07/19 Gates open 8: 00 am

621 Giano Ave City of Industry, Ca 91744 (626) 330-3289

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Street Parking Only

No Minors under the age of 16 will be allowed

Public auctions take place every other Wednesday. Registration and vehicle inspection is from 8am-9am. All entrants must have form of ID to enter auction facility. Bidders must have drivers licence and submit $200 cash deposit. All vehicles are sold AS IS.  Cars must be paid in full after auction cash only.  Vehicles must be removed by 4pm of auction day.              


Auction opens at 8:00am for vehicle inspection. Vehicles cannot be started or moved or altered in anyway.

 A $200.00 Cash deposit before auction begins (9:00 AM) with valid California driver’s license.  

Bidders must stay within auction area !!!

Only cars numbered and that are on the auction list on the auction lot are for auction. All others are off limits.  

Once the auction has begun bidders and bystanders must stay in the vicinity of the vehicles that are being auctioned. Vehicles may not be started or moved until auction has concluded, and my not be removed from auction lot until paid for. 

Vehicles must be paid for after the auction concludes by cash. Buyers must have badge and receipt to pay for vehicles. All vehicles bid on must be paid for all together. No refunds. Late payment fee in the amount of $25 per vehicle per day will be charged after 3pm day of auction. 

Vehicles must be removed from yard before 3:00 pm day of the auction or bidder will incur storage fees at the rate of $25.00 per day. Vehicles not removed before next auction will be re-auctioned, and the bidder will not be refunded any money.  

Any vehicle that is not paid for, the bidder will be permanently banned from the auction, and their deposit forfeited. If any vehicle is not paid for bidder will forfeit any other vehicles that where bid on. 

Anyone caught stealing or damaging vehicles or Haddick’s property will be permanently removed from auction.  

Vehicles may not be repaired or worked on in the auction facility. 

By submitting a deposit or entering the auction premises you agree to the following terms. If a person is in violation of any of the above rules that person deposit will be forfeited, banned from the auction, and prosecuted.  



               Preliminary Auction ListAUCTION LIST                    

   NEXT AUCTION DATE:  08/07/19


       DESCRIPTION              VIN           LIC #      EXPIRE  KEYS  TICKET#

    1991 ACU INTEG BLUE  JH4DA9451MS052609  2XJX481    09/19                                            205904 

2003 AUD A4    GRAY  WAULC68E33A308489             05-07         205207 

2005 AUD A4    BLK   WAUJC68E25A107581  NONE       09/17   6114  204909 

2000 CAD ESCAL BLK   1GYEK13R5YR108745  6NQH166    10/14         203333 

2003 CHE ASTRO WHITE 1GNDM19X43B145375  5UOP287    07/19   NO KE 206027 

1999 CHE BLAZE GOLD  1GNCS18W4XK215053  DP869WP    06-19   6812  205916 

2006 CHE HHR   BLACK 3GNDA13D76S623126  7FLF536    04/17         206198 

2006 CHE MALIB BLACK 1G1ZT51F66F148215  6VMF370    12-18         206166 

1984 CHE PACE  BEIGE 1GBJP37W9E3318771  6MHA202    5-18          205883 

1992 CHE SILVE WHITE 1GCGK24K0NE146151  7G57639    04/18         205167 

2004 CHE SILVE BLUE  2GCEC19T841356951  8X06484    04/19         206073 

1995 CHE VAN   WHT   1GCEG25K7SF143034  8E91549    07/17         205831 

1995 DOD 45000 WHITE 1B6MC36C0SS237336  5V91212    11-19   2385  206085 

1985 DOD ARIES       1B3BD49G6FF337798  1PBS659    01/13         205944T

2005 DOD CARAV TAN   2D4GP44L55R579685  8CIK304    08/19         207345P

2004 DOD DURAN BURGU 1D4HD58N54F242177  5LHP833    12/17   6888  205799 

1995 FOR EXPLO BLUE  1FMDU34XXSZB50951  NO PLATES  10/18         206052 

2004 FOR EXPLO SILVE 1FMDU63K94ZA37230  6RQT682    4-18          206101 

1999 FOR F150  RED   1FTZX1724XKA84922  5Z16903    02/20   3725  205839 

2003 FOR FOCUS RED   3FAFP31ZX3R175967  7LEA479                  207224P

2002 GMC YUCON TAN   1GKEC13T72K227746  6MZT106    3-19          205553 

1996 GMC YUKON TAN   1GKEK13R3TJ734960  7YHF024    06/18   6270  205911 

1990 GOS COACH BLACK 1FDKE30GXLHA06446  2PTW566    11/17         189984 

2006 HON CIVIC SILVE 2HGFG12856H525270  6SAB451    12/18         205630 

2002 HON CIVIC RED   JHMES16582S005283             03/19   6782  205856 

2001 HON CIVIC BLK   1HGES16551L043503  7DUJ283    05/16         205788 

1990 HON CIVIC ORANG 2HGED6348LH525580  6RAN752    02/16   IGNIT 204349 

2000 HYU SONAT GREY  KMHWF35VXYA293874  6WAP798    10-18         206142 

2004 JAG XTYPE SILVE SAJEA51C34WE16530  5WNL265    05/17   6557  206196 

2004 KIA OPTIM RED   KNAGD126845302670  7PYX817    02/19         206015 

2000 LIN TOWNC WHITE 1LNHM83W9YY761950  7RPF650    9-18          206177 

2007 MAZ 6           JM1BK324X71603319  5VMF289                  206401P

1986 MER 300SD WHITE WDBCB25DXGA247477  DP883HN    07/19   NO KE 205556 

1984 MTI ESCOR BLACK 1M5ENVP13E1001534  TR6599     04/07         190562 

2003 NIS ALTIM SILVE 1N4AL11D33C285806  7KAV233    02/18   6855  205909 

2010 NIS VERSA SILVE 3N1BC1CP5AL468411  6MGG609    07/18   6237  205814 

2000 OLD ALERO RED   1G3NL52E1YC328797  8GQX091    01-20         207275P

2005 SCI TC    WHT   JTKDE177150008863  5JZV215    08/19   5964  206083 

1997 TOY CAMRY GRAY  JT2BG22K3V0050258  3VLA895    04/18         207461p

1987 TOY PICKU       JT4RN50R1H0322405  3JK88859                 205931 

2008 TOY RAV4  BLACK JTMZK32V386015029  6FFA489    6-18          206090 

2009 VOL JETTA SILVE 3VWRA71K19M037014  6HOP682    05/19         207198P

2005 VOL S40   WHT   YV1MS382652116599  JPJ8608    06/18         205778 

2000 WIL TRAIL WHITE 1ED5C2422Y0918080  1JL9017    2-12          206172 




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