Next Auction 04/18/18 Gates open 8: 00 am

621 Giano Ave City of Industry, Ca 91744 (626) 330-3289

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Street Parking Only

No Minors under the age of 16 will be allowed

Public auctions take place every other Wednesday. Registration and vehicle inspection is from 8am-9am. All entrants must have form of ID to enter auction facility. Bidders must have drivers licence and submit $200 cash deposit. All vehicles are sold AS IS.  Cars must be paid in full after auction cash only.  Vehicles must be removed by 4pm of auction day.              


Auction opens at 8:00am for vehicle inspection. Vehicles cannot be started or moved or altered in anyway.

 A $200.00 Cash deposit before auction begins (9:00 AM) with valid California driver’s license.  

Bidders must stay within auction area !!!

Only cars numbered and that are on the auction list on the auction lot are for auction. All others are off limits.  

Once the auction has begun bidders and bystanders must stay in the vicinity of the vehicles that are being auctioned. Vehicles may not be started or moved until auction has concluded, and my not be removed from auction lot until paid for. 

Vehicles must be paid for after the auction concludes by cash. Buyers must have badge and receipt to pay for vehicles. All vehicles bid on must be paid for all together. No refunds. Late payment fee in the amount of $25 per vehicle per day will be charged after 3pm day of auction. 

Vehicles must be removed from yard before 3:00 pm day of the auction or bidder will incur storage fees at the rate of $25.00 per day. Vehicles not removed before next auction will be re-auctioned, and the bidder will not be refunded any money.  

Any vehicle that is not paid for, the bidder will be permanently banned from the auction, and their deposit forfeited. If any vehicle is not paid for bidder will forfeit any other vehicles that where bid on. 

Anyone caught stealing or damaging vehicles or Haddick’s property will be permanently removed from auction.  

Vehicles may not be repaired or worked on in the auction facility. 

By submitting a deposit or entering the auction premises you agree to the following terms. If a person is in violation of any of the above rules that person deposit will be forfeited, banned from the auction, and prosecuted.  



               Preliminary Auction ListAUCTION LIST                    

   NEXT AUCTION DATE:  4/18/18


       DESCRIPTION              VIN           LIC #      EXPIRE  KEYS  TICKET#


         1999 ACU 30CL  WHITE 19UYA2254XL003059  4ENZ672    02/17   2656  185970 

1985 BMW 325I  BLACK WBAAK7400F8786326  6PUW645    03/18   NO KE 185459E

2002 BMW X5    GREEN 5UXFA53582LP52766  7ABV217    08/17   NO KE 185801P

2003 CHE ASTRO GRAY  1GNDM19X83B114842  5CFN673    04/18         185892 

2004 CHE AVALA BLACK 3GNEC12T74G236938  8K42367    05/17   2186  185605 

2002 CHE IMPAL BROWN 2G1WF52EX29221217  4VKN256    12/18   1217  183974 

2013 CHE IMPAL SILVE 2G1WG5E3XD1241024  7LQC470    05/17   1024  185789 

2003 CHR 300   WHITE 2C3HE66G53H542405  6HHU234    02/18   2198  185367 

2006 CHR PT CR RED   3A4FY58B96T328190  6ZIZ824    05/16   NO KE 185719 

2001 CHR SEBRI WHITE 4C3AG52H51E086297  6EOE124    04/18   6297  186008 

1979 COM RV    BEIGE         CMH792982  130YPS     06/15         186070 

2000 DOD DURAN GOLD  1B4HR28Y2YF180389  4LQD114    4-17          185341 

1996 DOD RAM   PRIME 1B7HC16Y5TS513847             10/02         185705 

1998 DOD RAM   RED   1B7GL22X8WS750187  27080EZ    01/19   2779  186858P

1994 FOR E350  GRAY  1FTJE34G0RHA79957  34641W1    05/18   NO KE 185226d

1986 FOR E350  WHITE 1FDKE30L9GHA72165  2CLV315            NO KE 185752 

1998 FOR EXPLO BLUE  1FMZU32E5WZB55102  7DUK848    05/17   NO KE 185916 

2001 FOR F150  WHITE 1FTRX17W21NB73123  04990D2    8-18          186176P

2006 FOR F250  WHITE 1FDSX34P36EA03110  51006A1    11-11         185778 

1997 FOR MUSTA WHITE 1FALP45X7VF186541  5MKT393    10/16   2611  185038 

1995 GEO PRIZM WHITE 1Y1SK5262SZ033741  3WNV879    07/17   2284  185847 

1994 GMC BOX T WHITE 4KDB4B1A6RJ000815  78220B2    11/17         185205 

2001 GMC SIERR WHITE 2GTEC19V811227525  8W53776    05/17   NO KE 185868 

996 HON ACCOR BLACK 1HGCD5696TA213412             01/16   3412  185762 

2002 HON ACCOR RED   1HGCG22582A038989  6WOX851    12/17   2507  185999 

1997 HON ACCOR GREEN 1HGCD5631VA133823  7ZYY027    01/19         186033 

1991 HON CIVIC BLUE  2HGED6347MH509713             1/17          184889 

1997 HON CIVIC WHITE 1HGEJ6229VL058118  NO PLATES  02/17   NO KE 185875 

1997 HON CIVIC GREEN JHMEJ667XVS038503  6VYR197    09/18         185934 

1995 HON CIVIC RED   1HGEJ1227SL003259  5HEM691    06/17         186067 

2001 JEE GRAND TAN   1J4GX48S91C617690  5FNY386    02/17   NO KE 185870 

1984 KOM TRAIL TAN   1K42KTK26E1110472             03/06         185947 

2003 LIN AVIAT GOLD  5LMEU68H73ZJ22497  5BSR850    03/12   2503  185416 

1997 MAZ TRUCK BLACK 4F4CR12AXVTM18335  5N04491    04/17         186881DP

2002 MER ML500 BLUE  4JGAB75E72A312224  NONE               NO KE 184835 

2000 MER GRAND TAN   2MEFM75W1YX733223  K44GKW     04/06         184929 

2002 NIS       GOLD  3N1CB51D12L616059  5NCA518                  186736P

2002 NIS ALTIM WHITE 1N4AL11D92C210641  4ZAH465    09/18         185577 

2000 NIS ALTIM SILVE 1N4DL01A0YC199048  AUT9701    04/18   2706  185664 

1998 NIS FRONT BLUE  1N6DD21SXWC342190  7N81383    03/18   NO KE 186804P

1999 NIS MAXIM GREY  JN1CA21D9XT216822  5YWC751    05/17   2672  185873 

2017 NIS SENTR BLACK 3N14B7AP1HY374530  7ZOC504    09/18         184403 

1984 PAC MOTOR TAN   1GBKP37W4D3334086  1HVC970    10/05         185078 

2005 SCI TC    BLACK JTLKT324054024188  5YAX704    07/17   NO KE 185444 

1991 SOU MOTOR TAN   1GBKP37NXM3303657  2WLP595    03/17         186019 

1999 TOY CAMRY TAN   JT2BF28K0X0151674  4CPZ777    10/17   2760  186900P

2000 TOY RAV-4 BLACK JT3GP10V8Y7067125  5WEX367    11/18   2719  185809 

2005 TOY TUNDR GOLD  5TBRU34105S448297  7T06970    01/19         186833P

     TRA       BLACK              NONE                           182486 

     TRA TRAIL WHITE              NONE  N/A                NONE  154982 

2015 YAM ZB-R3 BLUE  MH3RH06Y0FK006280  22W9956    11/18   IGNIT 185142 






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