Next Auction 05/27/2020 Gates open 8: 00 am

621 Giano Ave City of Industry, Ca 91744 (626) 330-3289

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               Preliminary Auction ListAUCTION LIST                    

   NEXT AUCTION DATE:  05/27/2020


       DESCRIPTION              VIN           LIC #                  EXPIRE  KEYS  TICKET#

      Long Lien       

       2017 NIS MAXIM WHITE 1N4AA6AP4HC419744  7ZCZ316    07-19   6789  211839 


2007 BUI ALLUR BLACK 2G4WJ582271108480  GMH4412    10-15         218276 

2000 CHE STILE WHITE      CHT050501000  CF9441     2002          217574 

2001 FOR F150  SILVE 1FTRX17WX1KF98431  6N22047    9-18    7247  219291 

2000 FOR FOCUS BLACK 1FAFP3435YW268278  4KYD363    03/20         219085 

2002 HON ACCOR GREEN 1HGCG16502A039316  4VWD974    01-21   7100  219196 

1992 HON ACCOR BLACK JHMCB7651NC031023  8DMB878    12/20   7356  219056 

1998 HON CIVIC GREEN 1HGEJ8241WL008750  3XHL752    12/16   7236  218969 

1994 HON CIVIC RED   2HGEJ2122RH550499  3JRX545    7-20          220012P

2003 HON CIVIC GREY  2HGES16543H618187  5EBE194    09/20         218961 

1996 HON CIVIC BLUE  1HGEJ6629TL017415  3PIR566    12/20   NO KE 219231 

2000 HON CRV   SILVE JHLRD2846YC015596  7PRU105    07/19   5443  217887 

1995 ISU RODEO BLUE  4S2CG58E5S4313227  7BUJ290    5-21          220016P

2002 JAG X-TYP TAN   SAJEA51C42WC06502  7SGT216    04-17         219168 

1996 JEE GRAND GRAY  1J4FT68S5TL213999  4LPJ827    04-19   7358  219106 

1992 MAZ B2000 GREEN JM2UF3239N0253359  4J91590    01-19   6157  219171 

2004 NIS SENTR WHITE 3N1CB51D94L881458  6GJT585    03/21   7364  219960p

2002 NIS SENTR SILVE 3N1CB51D52L634953  8JAV552    03/20   NONE  218846.

2013 VOL GOLF  BLUE  WVWDB7AJ0DW091981  7UDP646    11-20         219194 

2004 VOL PASSA BLACK WVWPD63B44E238607  6ZPJ332    10/16   NO KE 216951 

1995 ACU INTEG BLACK JH4DC4455SS029408  7CZU950    7-20          218655 

2001 AUD A4    BLUE  WAUAC68D21A119943  6NKV951    04/19   NO KE 218534 

1995 BMW 525I  BLACK WBAHD6323SGK58673             09/20   IN CA 219790DP

2001 BMW X5    BLACK WBAFA53531LM82276  4RQC264    3-19    7037  218503 

2006 CHE AVEO  GRAY  KLI1G66676B539937  5THY357    11-14         218498 

2004 CHE TAHOE BLACK 1GNEC13VX4R320607  6BZT578    08/20         218684 

1992 CHE VAN   WHITE 2GBEG25K6N4150622  5RKM690    10/17   7114  218599 

1999 DOD DURAN SILVE 1B4HS28Y6XF600481  7KGK276    03/17         218668 

2003 FOR EXPED BLACK 1FMRU17W53LB23089  8LAP889    12-20   7343  218411 

1999 FOR MUSTA RED   1FAFP42X2XF169019  5HJH405    5-20          219039 

1998 HON       GOLD               1141  4BPX653    8-20          219709P

2000 HON CIVIC WHITE 1HGEJ8247YL013597  7DME670    11-20         218653 

2005 HON CIVIC BLUE  2HGES16395H521004  6ZJZ115    02/17         218600 

1996 INF G20   BLACK JNKCP01D3TT538476  6XEU186    05/20         218606 

2003 INF G35   BLACK JNKCV54E83M225439  5DGR543    07/19         218804 

2004 INF G35   BLACK JNKCV54EX4M825378  7HAV631    8-17          218493 

2003 KIA SPECT SILVE KNAFB161035095903  5DTK102    8-20          218537 

2006 MER R350  SILVE 4JGCB65E16A032209  7ENT310    3-19          218492 

1997 MER VILLA RED   4M2DV1118VDJ48391  3VYK221    7-18          218495 

2009 PET 387   SILVE 1XP7D49X79D775524  WP73228    03/17   2367  198073 

2002 TOY CAMRY SILVE 4T1BE32KX2U573327             04/20   7228  218535 

2008 TOY TUNDR WHITE 5TFSV54148X006154  8T09879    8-20          218315 


Street Parking Only

No Minors under the age of 16 will be allowed

Public auctions take place every other Wednesday. Registration and vehicle inspection is from 8am-9am. All entrants must have form of ID to enter auction facility. Bidders must have drivers licence and submit $200 cash deposit. All vehicles are sold AS IS.  Cars must be paid in full after auction cash only.  Vehicles must be removed by 4pm of auction day.              


Auction opens at 8:00am for vehicle inspection. Vehicles cannot be started or moved or altered in anyway.

 A $200.00 Cash deposit before auction begins (9:00 AM) with valid California driver’s license.  

Bidders must stay within auction area !!!

Only cars numbered and that are on the auction list on the auction lot are for auction. All others are off limits.  

Once the auction has begun bidders and bystanders must stay in the vicinity of the vehicles that are being auctioned. Vehicles may not be started or moved until auction has concluded, and my not be removed from auction lot until paid for. 

Vehicles must be paid for after the auction concludes by cash. Buyers must have badge and receipt to pay for vehicles. All vehicles bid on must be paid for all together. No refunds. Late payment fee in the amount of $25 per vehicle per day will be charged after 3pm day of auction. 

Vehicles must be removed from yard before 3:00 pm day of the auction or bidder will incur storage fees at the rate of $25.00 per day. Vehicles not removed before next auction will be re-auctioned, and the bidder will not be refunded any money.  

Any vehicle that is not paid for, the bidder will be permanently banned from the auction, and their deposit forfeited. If any vehicle is not paid for bidder will forfeit any other vehicles that where bid on. 

Anyone caught stealing or damaging vehicles or Haddick’s property will be permanently removed from auction.  

Vehicles may not be repaired or worked on in the auction facility. 

By submitting a deposit or entering the auction premises you agree to the following terms. If a person is in violation of any of the above rules that person deposit will be forfeited, banned from the auction, and prosecuted.  



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