Next Auction 05/04/2022 Gates open 8: 00 am

621 Giano Ave City of Industry, Ca 91744 (626) 330-3289

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               Preliminary Auction ListAUCTION LIST                    

   NEXT AUCTION DATE:  05/04/2022      

       DESCRIPTION                     VIN       LIC #     EXPIRE      KEYS

2007 BMW 328   SILVE WB7VA37527NLI6130  8GUM191    12/21   1424  243618 

2018 BMW X1    WHITE WBXHU7C33J3H43327  8GHA657    11-22         243990 

2018 CAD CTS   SILVE 1G6AR5SS6J0180403             06/22         235815 

2005 CHE 3500  WHITE 1GBJG31U551101561  7Y11989    9-20          244315 

2017 CHE SILVE BLACK 3GCPCREC9HG188747  83224C2    01-21         235691 

2005 CHE TOPKI WHITE 1GBE4C1285F502338  7T59301    12-20         244266 

2012 CHR 200   BLACK 1C3CCBAB5CN261829  7WNZ602    04-22   KEY I 245347p

2000 DOD RAM15 GREEN 1B7HC16Y7YS561955  6E48284    01-19         244289 

1985 FOR ECONO WHITE 1FDKE30LXFHB94984             11/08         241595 

2000 FOR ESCOR       3FAKP1135YR115181  4RUR044    05-22         244440T

2004 FOR EXPED BLUE  1FMPU16L14LA30862  8LFK473    10-21         244401 

2010 FOR FUSIO BLACK 3FAHP0HA3AR286316  6KVH813    01/21   1559  244032 

2003 FOR MUSTA WHITE 1FAFP42X43F350309  8PNT931    08/20         244302 

2000 FOR RANGE WHITE              3250  6N85130                  245429P

2016 FOR TRANS WHITE 1FBZX2YMXGKB00888  CB68V12    04/23   1335  243936 

1993 GMC SIERR WHITE 1GTGC24K1PE537874  77SZ24B1   02-18         244263 

1995 HON ACCOR TAN   1HGCE6664SA030842  7XJM498    05/19         244153 

2007 HON ACCOR WHITE JHMCN36497C003271  8SLB949    03/22         244177 

2002 HON ACCOR RED   JHMCG66872C018763  4WKB527    3-22          244788P

2018 HON CIVIC GRAY  2HGFC2F54JH568203  8FEL504    07/21         243523 

1999 HON CIVIC BLUE  2HGEJ6678XH566540  6MWM695    06/21         244097 

2002 HON IDYSS SILVE 2HKRL18742H525137  8XDH441    11/22         244088 

2001 JEE CHERO WHITE 1J4FT58S41L510348  LIEN W/O   06/21   1372  244222 

1997 JEE GRAND NAVY  1J4GZ78Y3VC554088  8WJN463    03/22         244247 

2007 MER C230  SILVE WDBRF52H97F904540  8GPC939    11-21   1114  244211 

1999 MER GRAND BLK   2MEFM75WXXX648833  DP674UL    08-20         243935 

1999 MIT GALAN RED   4A3AA46L7XE050446                           244375 

1996 NIS MAXIM BLACK JN1CA21D3TM403798  4CNT462    01/22   1047  244156 

2017 NIS SENTR BLACK 3N1AB7AP4HL720079  8BGA081    11-21         244400 

2014 NIS VERSA WHITE 3N1CN7AP3EL855629  8RFB032    03/23         243992 

2010 NIS VERSA SILVE 3N18C1CP2AL409722  6KZP463    02/22         244090 

2002 POR BOXST BLACK WPOCA29892U626009  6MMR207    08/21         243968 

     Rolloff 20 yard Lowside dumpester BLUE        NONE          244001 

2008 SCI XB    SILVE JTLKE50E581014876  7SPJ978    7-22          244107 

2003 TOY CAMRY WHITE 4T1BF32K33U041688  5BEV078    1-21    1115  244376 

2004 TOY CAMRY SILVE 4T1BE32K04U315918  5GWZ943    4/20    6201  245526P

1995 TOY COROL GRAY  1NXAE09B4SZ329365  4EGZ553    3-20          243950DP

2007 TOY COROL BLUE  1NXBR32E97Z840253  6EMJ101    12/22         244114 

2006 TOY MATRI GRAY  2T1KR32EX6C611306  6UHF283    06/22         244061 

1991 TOY PICK  WHITE JT4RN81A0M0082896  597342     06/21         244388 


Street Parking Only

No Minors under the age of 16 will be allowed

Public auctions take place every other Wednesday. Registration and vehicle inspection is from 8am-9am. All entrants must have form of ID to enter auction facility. Bidders must have drivers licence and submit $200 cash deposit. All vehicles are sold AS IS.  Cars must be paid in full after auction cash only.  Vehicles must be removed by 4pm of auction day.              


Auction opens at 8:00am for vehicle inspection. Vehicles cannot be started or moved or altered in anyway.

 A $200.00 Cash deposit before auction begins (9:00 AM) with valid California driver’s license.  

Bidders must stay within auction area !!!

Only cars numbered and that are on the auction list on the auction lot are for auction. All others are off limits.  

Once the auction has begun bidders and bystanders must stay in the vicinity of the vehicles that are being auctioned. Vehicles may not be started or moved until auction has concluded, and my not be removed from auction lot until paid for. 

Vehicles must be paid for after the auction concludes by cash. Buyers must have badge and receipt to pay for vehicles. All vehicles bid on must be paid for all together. No refunds. Late payment fee in the amount of $25 per vehicle per day will be charged after 3pm day of auction. 

Vehicles must be removed from yard before 3:00 pm day of the auction or bidder will incur storage fees at the rate of $25.00 per day. Vehicles not removed before next auction will be re-auctioned, and the bidder will not be refunded any money.  

Any vehicle that is not paid for, the bidder will be permanently banned from the auction, and their deposit forfeited. If any vehicle is not paid for bidder will forfeit any other vehicles that where bid on. 

Anyone caught stealing or damaging vehicles or Haddick’s property will be permanently removed from auction.  

Vehicles may not be repaired or worked on in the auction facility. 

By submitting a deposit or entering the auction premises you agree to the following terms. If a person is in violation of any of the above rules that person deposit will be forfeited, banned from the auction, and prosecuted.  



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